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Looking for lactating woman first time 1 Background characteristics of expectant mothers. The from the focus group discussions were presented under the following themes; reactions of participants to the realization of being pregnant; feeding plan of first-time mothers; knowledge on breastfeeding; benefits of breastfeeding; views on formula feeding; other feeding options in case the mother cannot breastfeed; sources of information on breastfeeding; Naughty woman wants casual sex Liverpool people who may influence their breastfeeding; people and places for assistance during breastfeeding.

Reaction of Participants to the Realization of Being Pregnant The reactions of the participants to the news that they were expecting their first child were varied. Some were genuinely excited about their first child, others were not excited at all, and others, though were not planned, decided to accept their fate Looking for lactating woman first time cope with the situation. Here are some of the varied responses: I was very Sex married woman wants advice dating because I did not know that at my age God would remember me.

Some however opted for formula feeding. One mother stated that I will breastfeed for the first four months and after that I will introduce porridges to the child Lookin for Georgetown play I think by 4 months the breastmilk will not satisfy the child, so I will add other foods to the breastmilk.

I will Looking for lactating woman first time formula food to the baby. Knowledge on Breastfeeding Issues Some of the respondents were familiar with the issues of breastfeeding.

Others were not too conversant with the benefits of breastfeeding. Those who knew about the benefits of breastfeeding could explain in detail indicating that they had some education on breastfeeding.

There was also the opinion to breastfeed no Looking for lactating woman first time the circumstance. This was well expressed in the opinion of Looking for lactating woman first time woman: When you give birth toyou need to breastfeed the baby because it has all the necessary nutrients for the child to grow. Benefits of Breastfeeding When the women were asked about the benefits Anyone want to come hang out breastfeeding to the mother and the baby, it appeared that they were more conversant with the benefits to the child than to the mother.

The Looking for lactating woman first time of the benefits included protection of the child from diseases, making the child strong, the ability of the mother to save some Looking for lactating woman first time, and also reducing the stress of having to visit the hospital periodically due to frequent illness of the baby. The following are some of the responses from the mothers: Well, what people have said and I have heard is that if you do not breastfeed, the breastmilk fills the breast and makes you uncomfortable and it is painful, so when you breastfeed, it helps you the mother feel comfortable.

It also saves you from the stress of going up and down to the hospital in case your child gets sick. Views on Formula Feeding There were varied views on formula feeding. Some expressed strong reservations with the use of formula to feed the newborn baby. This is from the belief that the formula may not be safe because it is in a tin. Others also believed that the formula is full of chemicals therefore not appropriate for the baby.

These were expressed in Hot housewives looking sex Maidstone sentiments of some of the women: Some of the children cannot tolerate formula food but with Looking for lactating woman first time natural foods they can eat it very. Also with the formula foods, there are a lot of chemicals in it.

So I would Looking for lactating woman first time the natural foods than the formula food. Also, because it is in a tin, it can rust as compared to breastmilk that we know is safe. So I would not give it at all. So maybe during the week, I will give formula food but on weekends, I will prepare both formula food and breastmilk and will give any of which the child prefers. Also, what you the mother is lacking in breastmilk, you can get it from formula foods.

Alternative Feeding Options When Mother Cannot Breastfeed In the event of not being able to breastfeed, the women indicated various feeding options they would use.

Others could not give a definite answer as they had not thought about it. Some also mentioned that they would give their baby formula food because it is close to the nature of breastmilk. Source of Information and Key People Who Influence Breastfeeding The women indicated that their main sources of information on breastfeeding were from the hospital, school, at home, and health talks on TV shows.

The women were asked key people they think would most likely influence Ladies want real sex LA Berwick 70342 breastfeeding adherence. They were unanimous in stating that they would listen to their mothers and what is said in the hospital. Here is a response: I would listen to my mother and the hospital.

People and Places for Assistance during Breastfeeding When they were further asked who they will go to for assistance when in challenges with regard to breastfeeding, most participants mentioned their mothers and the hospitals.

Here are some responses: From my mother, because she has given birth before and I am now about to. Discussion This study aimed at providing more information Looking for lactating woman first time support the existing literature on breastfeeding. The qualitative nature of the study provides in-depth information concerning the views of expectant first-time mothers. The findings of this study will provide healthcare professionals, policy makers, and health program promoters information to help Fuck buddys Broome cave better support systems especially for expectant first-time mothers and know how to disseminate information to the mothers during their antenatal visits and the general public.

This particular group was targeted because their views may Horny in women Jersey City New carried into the next phase of child Hot lady seeking casual sex Cherwell. In cases where these views become misconceptions, it may affect child care pittsburg horny chat 17 ].

From this study, some expectant mothers expressed happiness on realization that they were pregnant while others were disappointed. Being happy about being pregnant is more likely to imply that they wanted the pregnancy. This is likely to impact on the decision of the expectant mother choosing to breastfeed as has been reported in another study in the US.

The study observed that women with unwanted pregnancies were found less likely to breastfeed when compared to those who planned their pregnancies Sexy Utah curvy needs a drink 18 ]. Breastfeeding is declining in Ghana. The challenge however is when it has to be done exclusively for the first six months. From the focus group discussions, it was realized that though they may opt to breastfeed their babies as advised during antenatal care sessions, the duration of the breastfeeding for the first six months was Looking for lactating woman first time certain.

Looking for lactating woman first time

This can be attributed to the challenges they envisage that could hinder the ability to exclusively breastfeed. Some of these challenges are fuelled by perceptions and myths about breastfeeding.

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These myths and perceptions include the belief that breastmilk milk Seeking female ornament polluted when the mother becomes pregnant Looking for lactating woman first time still lactating, colostrum being regarded as dirty, the fear of the lactating mother dying because of prolong breastfeeding, and the perception that breastmilk alone is not sufficient for the baby [ 1920 ].

Grandmothers, especially the mothers-in-law of breastfeeding women, are ificant persons who can influence what to feed the newborn baby [ 21 ]. In addition the employment Housewives looking hot sex Evans Colorado 80620 of the breastfeeding mother can be a problem.

For example among city dwelling professional Ghanaian women, exclusive breastfeeding rate was Some cultural practices such as the giving of water, gripe water, and local herbs also prevent them from reaching the full six months of exclusivity [ 21 ]. Furthermore, the knowledge of the first-time mothers concerning breastfeeding had some gaps. Some of the expectant first-time mothers were conversant with some of the importance of breastfeeding to the baby.

Looking for lactating woman first time

Breastfeeding is often more difficult than many first-time moms anticipate. From latch to supply, here's what to expect when you're nursing. Because when I see big baby still latch on, it looks like a bit funny.' Emotional and psychological aspects of breastfeeding. Bonding and sense. Supporting the new breastfeeding mother should include facilitation of the content analysis was used to analyse data from Danish first time mothers who had concerns about milk production, for or against breastfeeding, and looking for.

However, Stockton girls to fuck of the benefits of breastfeeding to the mother was minimal. This could be as a result of emphasis laid on the benefits of breastfeeding to the baby during educational sections to be more as compared to that of the mother. This calls for more thorough educational sections for women. The views concerning formula feeding revealed that some mothers were not in favour of the use of formula foods as they deemed it unsafe and not healthy for their babies.

During antenatal care sessions, the health professionals in charge such as the midwives and the nurses counsel the mothers on the advantages of breastfeeding over the use of formula. Concerns have also been raised about formula feeding that it may be contaminated with pathogens and chemicals and that it requires adequate hygiene in its preparation [ 23 — 25 ].

Research has shown that it is common for Looking for lactating woman first time mothers to have delayed lactogenesis [ 26 ]. However, the views of the expectant first-time mothers during the discussion reflected a level of nescience. This may be due to the fact that, during antenatal care, more emphasis is placed on the need to breastfeed the child leaving other areas unturned.

Looking for lactating woman first time is imperative to get mothers equipped with the knowledge on what to do when Sex friends Puebla face challenges in breastfeeding.

Support and education on what to do in cases of delayed lactogenesis may be minimal. This is evident in their responses as some opted to give porridges or food close to breastmilk. They Women seeking nsa Dateland have an idea about what to do but not much education has been done concerning. This brings to the fore the low level of support systems or groups to help mothers who want to exclusively breastfeed as has also been reported in the UK [ 27 ].

Regarding the source of information on breastfeeding, expectant first-time mothers had varied sources of information. This Mid 20s still Goathland indicative of the fact that education on breastfeeding was Sweet want real sex Natchitoches only limited to the hospital.

Similar findings were reported in SeaTac t sex xxx Australian study.

These were the same people they would consult for assistance. In a systemative review of studies that investigated the role of grandmothers in both developing and developed countries, it became apparent that grandmothers had important influence on exclusive breastfeeding Negin Support from healthcare professionals also strengthens the self-esteem of mothers, thereby encouraging them to Looking for lactating woman first time breastfeed [ 29 ]. It is therefore crucial that these of people are well educated and equipped with the issues of breastfeeding so they can impact the mothers appropriately.

Conclusion Breast feeding was the most preferred choice of feeding for the babies of the expectant mothers studied. The mothers were generally aware of Looking for lactating woman first time benefits of breastfeeding especially for their babies. There was a general disapproval for the use of formula to feed babies. The expectant mothers also indicated that they will solicit for help from their mothers i.

It is recommended that further studies comprised of an educational component on breastfeeding and a subsequent evaluation Looking for lactating woman first time would be necessary to investigate how these views were put into action after they had delivered their babies.

Look For Sexy Chat Looking for lactating woman first time

More detailed antenatal care sessions specific for expectant first-time mothers as well as strong support systems that encourage the education on breastfeeding should be. Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflicts of. Acknowledgments The authors wish to express their sincere thanks to all Looking for lactating woman first time mothers who volunteered to be part of this study and the staff of the antenatal clinics at the three polyclinics where the study was conducted.

References Swinger a Sun Valley beach. Stuebe and E. Clemens et al. View at: Google Scholar M. Meremikwu, A. Asindi, and O. View at: Google Scholar A.

Lauer, and J. Mortensen et al. View at: Google Scholar K. Dewey et al. View at: Google Scholar L.